About Neal Wiser Consulting

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Why Results Matter

About ten years ago (before I launched NWC), a friend asked me to oversee the design firm the she wanted to hire to build her new website. As soon as the initial, fact-finding meeting with the developers started, they told us that their first step was to create a “beautiful design.” I immediately turned to my friend and told her that she didn’t want to hire these people.


This firm was not interested in learning who my friend was, what her business was about or who her customers were. They weren’t going to help her drive traffic to her site or build a site that could capture leads or sell products. All they wanted to do was create something pretty.

In my professional opinion, the site she got was pretty useless. It failed to help her sell her products and it did next to nothing to help her build her business.

Why Hire Me?

That's me at Launch Pad 39A. The space shuttle Atlantis is behind me.

That’s me at Launch Pad 39A. The space shuttle Atlantis is behind me.

I started my consulting practice because I’ve seen too many companies get sold on “pretty” websites, sites that didn’t help to grow their business. I want to help grow your business. That’s why I’m in business.

To be sure, some businesses aren’t ready to support a large and sophisticated marketing operation, and that’s OK. I can help you too (considering the state of web technology, even a basic web presence can offer some very powerful tools).

However, for those businesses who have the resources, let’s just say that the sky’s the limit! And I’m here to help.

What Now?

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