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9 More Features I Want to See in TweetDeck

TweetDeckThis is the continuation to my post, 10 Features I want to see in TweetDeck that I wrote for (please visit Twitip for Features 1-10). I’m offering this continuation here because a friend of mind constantly complains about the length of my posts and I thought that offering all 19 would be too long. So here are 11-19. Enjoy, and let me know what you think in the comments.

11.    IM Integration

Problem: I can’t IM from Twitter.

Solution: Add IM functionality.

12.    List (History) of Links Clicked

Problem: I often look for tweets with links that I’ve previously clicked, but can’t find them.

Solution: Provide a column showing all of the tweets containing links that I’ve clicked. Also need to see who tweeted them and when, and provide a Retweet button so I can forward them.

13.    List of Lists

Problem: I don’t like the way lists are handled in TweetDeck.

Solution: Offer a column providing a list of all my lists and the lists I am on.

14.    Show Followed/Unfollowed Dates

Problem: I often don’t know when someone started following me, when I started following them, or if and when they may have stopped following me.

Solution: I would like to see all of this info.

15.    Favorite Tweeter’s Column

Problem: There are some people whom I really enjoy or simply need to follow closely, but I don’t want to add yet another Search Column.

Solution: Provide a column of my favorite tweeters (I know this could be a list, but as mentioned, I don’t like the way lists are implemented. Also, the list I want to see will show the tweeters themselves, not their tweets (unless I expand them).

16.    Missing Tweets

Problem: TweetDeck misses massive numbers of tweets. Although this is sometimes a Twitter problem, I’m not convinced this is entirely their fault.

Solution: Fix how TweetDeck pulls tweets from Twitter or add a “more” button when there are gaps in the timeline so I can back-fill them.

17.    Better iPhone Integration

Problem: I live on my iPhone and while I love that desktop TweetDeck syncs with iPhone TweetDeck, the iPhone version is not only incredibly sluggish, but it misses even more tweets than the desktop version.

Solution: Fix the bugs in the iPhone version and how it pulls tweets from Twitter.

18.    Show Tweets Replied to in a Column

Problem: I often like to look at tweets that I’ve replied to, but it’s inefficient to have to search through all my tweets to find them.

Solution: Provide a column that compiles only the tweets I’ve replied to.

19.    Analytics, Analytics, Analytics

Problem: Just knowing that someone clicked on a link is not good enough. I want to see every bit of data that can possibly be extracted from Twitter regarding the tweets I’m sending and receiving.

Solution: I’m not going to list all the types of data that I would like to see (no blog is big enough), but a comprehensive suite, like what PeopleBrowsr offers is critical.


Tighter Integration with Facebook

Problem: Let’s face it, Facebook is an important platform and while TweetDeck added Facebook features last year, it’s not doing much to help me manage my Facebook account or Fan pages.

Solution: TweetDeck was built with Twitter in mind, but it now absolutely MUST offer tighter integration with Facebook. I need to manage not only my account, including having columns for my various lists, but I need to be able to manage several different Fan pages including having access to page analytics.

So, what features do you want to see in TweetDeck. Let me know in the comments (and don’t forget to read about Features 1-10 in 10 Features I want to see in TweetDeck on



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  1. Pam

    Hey Neil,

    Great wishes. I agree with this blue sky list, and would add that maybe we can go one step further and add a SORT function for the followers that would allow alphabetization, order from ascending/descending, plus, as you say, when you started following them and vice versa. Great stuff – all of it in both articles.

  2. Richard Barley
    Richard Barley03-18-2010

    Hi Neal,
    OK, so I’ll indulge you for a few minutes on your extra wishes :)

    11 – IM support is not something that is high on our priorities. Some kind of basic xmpp support might be possible in the future I guess.

    12 – Lookout for a lot more information like this coming over the next few releases

    13, 14 & 15 – Again, we have plans forming in this area. Watch this space.

    16 – I would challenge your statement that “TweetDeck misses massive numbers of tweets”. This is wholly incorrect. TweetDeck returns the maximum allowed number of tweets at startup, currently 200 for most feeds. Until recently the API limit has stopped us from being able to add “More…” buttons to all columns. With this limit increasing, we are now looking to implement this. this does not amount to TweetDeck “missing” tweets though. This is similar to saying your TV “missed” a certain programme. It didn’t, you just never had your TV turned on at the time. Hopefully we’ll soon give you a TiVo so you can catch up, but for now, TweetDeck will catch all tweets while you have it up and running.

    17 – Our main focus for the first half of this year is mobile. We will be updating the iPhone app and launching TweetDeck onto many more mobile platforms very soon. When we do this it will be in a co-ordinated, synchronised fashion, building heavily on the integrated platform that we have developed over the first few iterations of the iPhone client.
    Other companies may have leapt onto the latest platform with much song and dance, but our mobile products will actually work together with each other and the desktop, will all look & feel like TweetDeck products and will be synchronised across the platform like never before.

    18 – Not sure of the mileage in this one, but it’s worth considering.

    19 – Watch this space…

    Bonus – Yes, Facebook functionality will be expanded soon


    Richard Barley (@richardbarley)
    TweetDeck Community Manager

  3. Seth Goldstein
    Seth Goldstein04-19-2010

    Tweetdeck is great! And with the Seesmic Platform in Developer Mode and only a matter of time before it is in beta, Tweetdeck will get better too!

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